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Recruitment Tips September/October 2017

Welcome to Fall Financials! This time of year always brings the topic of financial planning up in families with a senior getting ready to go off to college.  In addition to the usual topics, this year also reviews the "Prior-Prior Year" (PPY) policy allowing families to file their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) earlier than years past, and using tax information from two years prior. Often an overwhelming topic, the feedback below is designed to provide a student athlete perspective to navigating the financial conversations that may be coming up in the coming months. Additionally, check out the updated scholarship section of the Savannah United website for a list of helpful websites, guidance, and scholarship options!

Prior-Prior Year and FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) is the form used to determine a student's eligibility for Financial Aid.  Filed annually online, the FAFSA provides a summary of a student's financial profile to colleges and universities to determine eligibility for certain types of financial aid.  Used most specifically for federal loan, grant, and scholarship programs, all families should take the time to complete a FAFSA.  Many colleges and universities also use the data provided from the FAFSA to guide their scholarship awards.  This year, students can complete the FAFSA starting on October 1st.  Tax information from the 2016 year will be used, hence the prior-prior year title.

Helpful Links:

7 Things You Need for the 2018/19 FAFSA

Important FAFSA Deadlines

CSS Profile

The College Scholarship Service Profile, or CSS, is a private service coordinated by the College Board for member colleges and universities.  A fee-based product, some colleges and universities use the more detailed report to distribute their institutional scholarship funds. You only need to complete a CSS Profile if the specific college or university you're applying to requires it.


Often one of the best financial aid options for student athletes, scholarships come from a range of places and bring with them a range of criteria.  Often our athletes find that due to the exclusive dedication they've shown to soccer, the diversity in their high school activity portfolio is not as wide.  This does not rule out scholarships looking for active high school students! Spending time reflecting on a player's high school experiences and how they've shaped who they are as a student, athlete, friend, and community member can help cast new light on scholarship applications highlighting characteristics like leadership or service.  The dedication and time management required of our competitive club athletes is significant, and the tenacity and focus it takes to remain committed to a peer group outside of high school is a notable character trait in our players.  Often overcoming life circumstances like relocation, family transition, grief and loss, and peer pressure while maintaining a balanced GPA, part-time or summer job, and responsibilities to family makes our Savannah United players stand out in a scholarship pool.  Even when the scholarship doesn't target soccer specifically, our players are uniquely qualified applicants to highlight leadership, service, time management, and a community service focus.  

Struggling to find your voice in an application? Reach out for help! Don't forget, this is why you have a soccer-specific college counselor available to you! I'm only an email away, and happy to spend time helping you navigate the many layers of the college search process.  

With Warm Regards,


Anne Weisel

Savannah United

College Counselor

Recruitment Tips – August 2017

Are you a rising senior stressing about your college application? A rising freshman worried about taking the right classes in high school to remain NCAA eligible for college? A parent feeling overwhelmed by the college search process? Don't forget - Savannah United's College Counselor Anne Weisel is available to all club families to support you wherever you are in the process.  The College Recruitment section of our website is updated bi-monthly and includes posts highlighting recruitment and college application tips, helpful websites, and during the school year a scholarship section.  Visit the website, or email Anne at!

With Warm Regards,

Anne E. Weisel
College Counselor
Savannah United

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