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Recruitment Tips – May/June 2017

Attention Juniors!

This is it.  The pages on the calendar are turning (or scrolling by since you’re probably using your smart phone!) and you are about to enter your senior year. Congratulations!

But before you walk out the school door to celebrate your summer there’s a few important steps you need to address.  At the same time you’re getting ready to walk, your school counselors are too – and you need them! Academic eligibility is key to playing soccer in college, and the eligibility process begins now.  Make sure your school counselor has a transcript release form signed by you and your parent allowing them to upload your transcript to the NCAA if you think there’s a chance you’ll apply to Division I or II schools next year.  Be sure you have an active NCAA account, and all of your information is up-to-date.   Eligibility rules have changed in the past few years, and Division I requires much of your core course work to be completed by the conclusion of your junior year.  By sending in your transcript now, you’ve taken the first important step and sent the message to coaches that you are a serious recruit who is coming prepared.

So what exactly do you plan to do with this summer of yours? Participating in summer soccer camps, like those offered through Savannah United, will help maintain the high level of play you need going into the fall select season.  If you’ve not yet been recruited by a college, fall of your senior year is full of key opportunities.  Making sure you are in the best shape to demonstrate the best performances ensures you are ready whenever a coach shows up.  Taking the first few weeks of the fall season to work off the beach-bum haze looses precious potential visibility.  Stay in shape!

Use the slower pace of summer to catch up on your college search, update your athletic profile, and start thinking about that all-important college essay topic.  Senior year classes and fall travel will quickly make college applications feel like one more thing on your to-do list.  Spend time this summer without the distraction of senior year to focus on these important topics with fresh attention.  

Need help getting motivated? Don’t know where to start? Send me an email! As a former Admissions Rep and with years of experience as a high school counselor, I can help you and your family address all aspects of this upcoming year.  You are not limited to soccer related questions, we understand that athletics is a piece of a much bigger picture and are here to support your family through it all.  You can reach me at  

With Warm Regards,

Anne E. Weisel
College Counselor
Savannah United

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