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Welcome to the Savannah United Juggling Challenge Page!

While not exactly a game-used talent, juggling is thought by most soccer coaches as a great skill to have. It gives you comfort with the soccer ball, which is crucial. It helps with your foot coordination. And juggling for a long period of time is more challenging than most ball skills you may be asked to do in a game. The art of juggling always gets a lot of attention in the soccer world, and this is your chance to boost your ability and see for yourself how it carries over to your technical skills. 

Juggling Challenge Hall of Fame

Want to be a part of Savannah United history? If you meet or beat the Juggling Challenge Target Score for your age group, your name will be entered into our Hall of Fame below and you will also receive a Special Edition Skillzys Bag Tag displaying your achievement for all to see!

U8 Age Group - 10 Juggles

U9 Age Group - 20 Juggles

U10 Age Group - 50 Juggles

U11 Age Group - 100 juggles

Juggling Challenge ELITE Level - 250 juggles


The rules are simple. Use the ball size recommended for your age group - U8 (Size 3) & U9 - 11 (Size 4). The ball must start on the ground. Once you get the ball in the air with your feet, start juggling with any of the following surfaces: foot, thigh, shoulder, head. Each touch counts as a juggle. Keep counting until you lose control of the ball and it touches the ground. In order to be eligible for the Hall of Fame and a Skillzys Bag Tag, a Savannah United Academy Coach must witness your successful effort. Coaches will give you certain times during sessions to try and beat the challenge. Good luck!


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