Savannah Clovers

Joining forces to provide opportunities

In February 2023, Savannah Clovers Football Club and Savannah United announced a strategic partnership to support male and female players in the local area. Both parties are working together to create a defined pathway for players who strive to play professional soccer.


The partnership includes scrimmages, training opportunities, workshops and development programs for Savannah United coaches and players. Additionally, this unique access to the professional club will be created through match day experiences, special events, attendance at training sessions, ticket offers and internship opportunities.


Savannah Clovers Football Club is a Community-based soccer team founded on June 23, 2016 as a local amateur club. The team played in the United Premier Soccer League for five seasons and participated in both the 2020 and 2021 editions of the NISA Independent Cup. The club’s mission is to bring the highest levels of soccer to the Hostess City, while engaging players, fans and local businesses to serve our community. In 2022 Savannah Clovers received a major financial investment resulting in the club turning professional and gaining membership into NISA (The National Independent Soccer League sanctioned as a National Division Three League by the United States Soccer Federation). Savannah Clovers FC will begin their inaugural season in NISA as the city’s first professional outdoor soccer season in April of 2023.


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Congratulations to former Savannah United players Alex Woods and Sonny Quintanilla on signing to play with the Savannah Clovers FC! Both players spent their youth careers with Savannah United and we are excited to see them take this step to the next level.