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For high school athletes, searching for the perfect college can be stressful! Savannah United understands this, which is why we offer soccer specific guidance throughout this exciting transition at no cost. Many of our Savannah United alumni have moved on to the collegiate level with the assistance we provide.


Through Savannah United, high school athletes and their families can receive access to our college counselor with personal email communication, regular college information sessions, monthly recruitment tips, scholarship information and so much more.


For players interested in playing at the collegiate level, we help develop a personalized plan to get them there, including showcases and direct tryouts with college coaches. Extensive and personalized services are available upon request, but will come with a fee.

About Our College Counselor


College Counselor Anne Weisel advocates strongly for students to start their search early and to be thorough in researching the best school for them. Married to Savannah United Coach Rob Weisel, Anne has developed a specific interest in working with the college-bound student athlete.


Anne began her career working in college admissions, and she soon realized her interest in the field extended beyond the marketing of a specific school and aligned more with the process of helping students find schools that were the right fit. Anne has a Masters Degree in Counseling and has worked for the past ten years in various high school settings. Anne has firsthand knowledge on the admissions process with a deep understanding of what students and their families face throughout the college search process.


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